Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management System is the primary product under the Enterprise Resources umbrella which covers a wide range of activities including :

  • Acts as a centralized repository for all the Employee data in an organization
  • Allows HR department generate various forms of reports like Welcome letter, Appointment letter, Induction letter, Experience letter, relieving letter and other variety of routine letter/report generation
  • Manage and configure the reporting structure and related user roles and privileges
  • Employee life cycle management from entry to exit including induction and exit interview scheduling
  • Automated workflow based resignation, termination, reassignment, promotion, transfer, increment and confirmation activities
  • Single interface to allow HR easily configure and manage various business rules in software
  • Search, View, Edit and upload employee information including personal details, experience details, statutory details, educational details and other employee details
  • View employee database history
  • Configure your reports using Report Generator
  • 360 degree view of an employee

Further the HRMS also does the following:

Employee’s Application and Proposal Management:
The system has been designed with business rules specifically created for Energy utilities. An employee can apply or send his proposal for various activities through the software. Some of them being:

Leave Sanction :
Leave sanction is restricted to availability of balance at the credit of the employee. A number of validity checks are performed to ensure that the sanction is proper as per the parameters defined for that leave. Leave balances are immediately updated whenever the leaves are sanctioned. The employee can claim for leaves as per the company regulations.

Earned Leave Surrender :
Earned leaves are the ones which can be surrendered and the daily basic per day is refunded to the Employee. The Employee’s other account, leave account and the salary account will be updated with the approval of this application.

Free Lighting :
Free lighting is the facility provided by some Utilities for its Employees. The Application for the same has to be given, The Free lighting has to be given only if it is requested by the employee.

Transfer :
The employee can apply for transfer, to the location he/she is interested, based on available vacancy. On the final approval the same has to affect the Employee appointments module as well as the service register.

Loans and Advance :
Apply for various types of loans like Vehicle loan, house loan as well as advances like festival advance, Advances of pay, Travel, Medical, Education-Advance, Education-Loan,
Bicycle etc. The loans are tracked in the software till they are repaid.

Withhold Promotions :
Request to withhold a promotion if an employee wants to be in the same current designation subject to approval from higher ups.

Quarters :
Check up availability of company quarters online. Apply for company quarters based on
availability. Update discontinuation of quarters facility on promotion or transfer. Request extension of quarters facility even after transfer

Voluntarily Retirement :
In a company the employee can request for voluntary retirement by giving application.